There is no joy in flying right now

I went from multiple trips by plane per week when I left consulting to still regular travel to a full stand-still like everybody when Covid hit.

While a lot of flights were grounded or just to tedious, I shifted to making the necessary trips by car or train.

Flying has started to come back — but I don‘t like it.

The whole experience somehow seems to run counter to everything that has defined „feeling normal“ over the last 18 months.

I used to like flying. I liked airports, I liked the overall…

I have always been a great fan of live music. Not only for the actual experience, but when it comes to records. While some prefer the perfection and higher production values of studio recordings, I prefer the element of “capturing the moment” of live recordings. Here are 10 great examples of such records. Before you dive in make sure you have a good set of speakers or headphones ready to go.

A playlist of all highlighted songs from the albums below is here:

Joe Cocker — Mad Dogs & Englishmen (1970)

Joe Cocker is pushed to do a huge US tour. Leon Russell is in charge to put…

Since I was young, I held the UK, and particularly London, in high esteem.

Back then I felt that compared to the Germany I grew up in, it was simply “further ahead”. If you wanted to understand what’s going on you looked to New York, Tokyo, and London.

My first experience with and in the UK was in 1992. My mother took me with her to London for a couple of weeks to join her for an English language course. For her, it was reacting to the necessity of becoming proficient in English, as she had founded an international trading…

As 2020 draws to a close and everybody has a couple of days to kick back, I wanted to share music, books etc. that I enjoyed over the last months. Those are not necessarily new or freshly released, but rather simply what I liked or rediscovered last year. Also, as I turned 40 a couple of months ago, I’m probably ultimately released from staying hip to everything new coming out.


  • William Gibson: Neuromancer trilogy. I re-read some science fiction this year, as (a) the “classics” remain highly entertaining, and (b) there are always new things to discover especially when comparing…

If you attend pitching events, conference panels or something similar and get to the inevitable Q&A rounds, you will hear well-trained founders and presenters react to every question with „That‘s a good question!“.

When I hear it the first time, I‘m bothered. After the 2nd or 3rd time I‘m positively furious and have lost interest.

If I am interested enough in your business to ask a question, this question is at least good for me, as I put value on getting it answered. …

Stefan Nagel

Father, husband, bass player, investor.

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